Jessica Hargreaves
Barbara's Dream 2

Jessica Hargreaves
Barbara's Dream 2


Barbara's Dream 2, 2011
Oil on canvas 

18 x 24

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About the work
This series is a collaboration, a dialogue about dreams between the dreamer and the artist.

Hargreaves asked people for descriptions, in writing, drawing(s), or both, of dreams that had stayed with them. After that, she would paint the dream based on their descriptions and would send the image to the dreamer. The dreamer would share their reaction to it, after which Hargreaves would try another version, attempting a dialogue about the dream between the dreamer and herself.

The following are excerpts from conversations with Barbara regarding the imagery and her dream. Barbara's Dream 2 was the ultimate result: 

(#1)I was in Palm Beach trying on yellow shoes. They looked like my favorite Pappagallo loafer from ages ago but the price point was quite different. $3500.00 was the price vs. $12.00 from my college days. The shoes were too big; I could not find someone to wait on me so asked Donald Trump if he could find someone to help and he said "yes." 

(#2)The dream had the shoes, me, the Donald, especially the shoes, more of a closeup. And the colors were VERY bright, especially the yellow. 

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