Jessica Hargreaves
Bastet Ring

Jessica Hargreaves
Bastet Ring


Bastet Ring, 2015
Brass or pink silver. Carved and finished by the artist in New York.

Available in:
Brass, Size 5.5
Pink Silver, Size 9


Custom sizing and metals might be available. 

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Note: These are the last pieces the artist will make in brass and pink silver. If you have a metal allergy, please understand that both brass and pink silver may bother the skin. 

About the work
In 2015 fine artist Jessica Hargreaves turned her painterly intentions towards the artistic medium of jewelry. Each Bastet with Stones is a unique combination of gems and metals, depicting a gargoyle-like cat.  At once playful and raw, this series gives a contemporary nod to Rococo and Romantic artists. Cast from hand-carved wax molds using a variety of metals and gems, Jessica Hargreaves’ textured and organic style is enlivened by a bold use of allegory and archetype with a dash of the absurd. Instinctual and irreverent. A compelling reminder of the irrepressible animal energies inside us all.

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