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A Pilates and movement instructor for over 15 years and a dancer most of her life, Stephanie Ellison teaches at the Los Angeles Athletic Club and through workshops and corporate programs. Information and bio below. For inquiries contact: or

Workplace Pilates & Fitness Programs

(Excerpt from recent NPR piece on Wellness Programs)

Stress has long been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and a number of mental health problems.

And a recent poll finds that a substantial number of working adults say stress is a critical health issue they face at work. 

So what are employers doing about it? 

...Wellness Programs can go a long way toward creating an environment that promotes health and reduces stress — thereby helping a company's bottom line.

"There's a recognition that the cost of burnout — either in the form of lower productivity or, in extreme cases, the loss of employees — is more costly" than taking steps to reduce stress..."

I offer an array of class and private lesson options to make the workplace a more balanced and healthy place to be. For details and rates :

Sample pricing:

15 minute assessments/quick stretch 50

30 minute work out 75

55 minute private 135

30 minute class (up to 30 people) 150

55 minute single class (up to 20 people) 225

Day rate of 5 hours availability for any combination of classes and lessons 600

Lesson options include: individual 15, 30, or 55 minutes private lessons, assessments and the creation of individual tailored therapeutic and strength programs.

Class examples include: Classical pilates mat, core strength for beginners, pain management, back and neck pain prevention, stretch and flexibility class, guided meditation, and guided 1-3 mile walks on site. 

5-10 week workshops are available as well.

Pilates Bio 

Stephanie Ellison has studied and taught dance and movement most of her life. She began teaching Pilates in 2000, was certified at Performing Arts Physical Therapy and The Pilates Studio of LA, and has since studied with various instructors, including Romana Kryzanowska.  Stephanie has taught for numerous studios and has worked with professional performers and athletes, as well as those brand new to the Pilates Method, including volunteer teaching for the Boys and Girls Club.

Exploring creative play as exercise led Stephanie to study circus arts and eventually establish a Pilates studio at Bumbershoot Aerial Arts in St. Louis, where she also taught under the Dance Department at Washington University.  Having returned to Los Angeles, Stephanie continues her search of how to have a fun-moving, better-tasting, fashionable balance for living every day well. She is currently the Pilates trainer for the Los Angeles Athletic Club, intrigued by synchronized swimming, and enjoys walking in LA. 

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself,
art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless
and intelligence cannot be applied.” Herophilus