Stephanie L. Ellison


I like subtle movements, and the interrelated nature of the seen and unseen. Studies in Japan at an early age, coupled with roots in Southern Illinois have informed my perspective.

A self-taught artist, movement instructor, and former jazz radio dj, I’ve used mixed media, movement, and words, to create works over the years. Storytelling, rhythm, and intuition are all important to my process. Recent projects include sculpted jewelry, as it can convey complex stories as concise, intimate artworks.

My family ran a baseball concession stand during the 50s and 60s in East St. Louis, and in 2016 my sisters opened a candy store. Using candy themes, I began casting recognizable sweets, like licorice twists, but soon went on to explore gooey, melting movement themes in my casting shapes. Most notably though I’ve been chewing, playing with and shaping gum, casting it in silver and gold as wearable works of art. The finished pieces are, in part, dictated by chance, but there is a rhythm and personal signature of movement in chewing and playing with gum, often of anxiety or of self-soothing. The work appears unassuming, but the story can elicit a visceral response and further inquiry. Chewed gum has proven an intriguing sculpting medium. It is something I continue to explore in larger works. 

Stretch & Yield , sterling silver, 2017

Stretch & Yield, sterling silver, 2017

Stephanie Ellison is a self-taught artist with an integrated background in dance, writing, and Japanese.  She graduated from Illinois State University and teaches movement and pilates. She lives in Los Angeles, CA. 

Works by Stephanie Ellison