My Favorite Record Covers 014

A project by David T. Hsia

Public Image Ltd, "Rise" (1986, Virgin) / Concept by John Lydon, Designer uncredited

The design concept of this PiL record is a pastiche of the generic brand products found in supermarkets in the 80s. Lydon used session musicians instead of his band to record this album and it likely influenced the concept. The name of the album was "album", "cassette", or "compact disc" depending on the format. The variation I've chosen here is the lesser known "12 inch single". I've always been fascinated by the unintentional minimal beauty of the early generic brand designs.


David T Hsia is a Creative Director/Designer and a lifelong appreciator of music. In this series he combines his two loves, exploring design for music. You can follow his series on instagram at @porksung.