Scott Garrison and Ava Shire, by Scott Garrison

Scott Garrison and Ava Shire, by Scott Garrison

We make shit! Solid gold shit! Fancy shit! Some of the nicest ceramic real gold shit you will ever see. The process to make our shit is long. Layers of real 24k gold luster are applied repeatedly and each piece is fired up to six times over the course of many weeks. Every piece of shit is completely unique. Yay! 


 Stovttnva is the collaborative duo of Scott Garrison and Ava Shire.  Initially bonding over artistic interests, combined, they are a creative force inextricably tied to their homebase of Echo Park.  Scott aka PSkaught is a photographer, illustrator and graffiti artist. He grew up a military kid, moving from place to place, settling for a time in San Antonio, TX, though home has been Echo Park for over 14 years.  You can find his murals along Echo Park Ave, in Los Angeles, CA.  Ava Shire is a 3rd generation Echo Park artist. She’s been making ceramics her entire life but also works with woodburning and painting with oils and acrylic on wood. Ava owns Neighborhood Salon in Echo Park.



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